“A hybrid of familiar anthems and modern pop blended with fresh beats”

     That is how DJ Luke describes his sound.  He is never afraid to play deep sets filled with emotion to elevate the mood of the crowd.  Whether playing an afternoon T Dance, peak hour or afterhours, DJ Luke has the mixes to keep your feet moving.

     DJ Luke’s interest in dance music started in his early twenties when he started going to clubs in Miami and Fort Lauderdale and listening to different DJ’s.  It was around this time that he became friends with some seasoned DJ’s who taught him how to mix and manipulate beats both on vinyl records and modern equipment. 

     While attending parties in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Luke noticed that many of the attendees where from his home town of West Palm Beach and saw opportunity.  He started promoting similar parties back home at MARA Nightclub.  These parties grabbed the attention of the other venues and led to residencies at H.G. Roosters, Hibiscus House, The Garage VV and Gannon's. From these venues, DJ Luke has built a following which has lead to him playing higher profile events such as GayDays Orlando and opening for Ellie Goulding at CFE Arena.

Today, you can catch DJ Luke Hampel playing in South Florida for local charities, pride events, private parties and clubs.